SEO Landing Page Power – How to Harness the Power of a Landing Page

An SEO Landing Page is a very important tool to implement well in the name of Internet Marketing. A common occurrence is for online businesses to spend money on producing adverts, informative reviews and social media campaigns all linking back to their site.

Now here’s the thing, the o so common mistake: the link will often just point back to a homepage.

Ok, I hear you say, well that makes sense; should be the obvious place for a business to direct their customers. But this isn’t really the case. A homepage’s job is to welcome a customer to a business and offer up a wide variety of choices available, anything from that week’s top deals to finding the location of a business.

Homepages will inherently have many choices visible on one page to cater for all needs of any visitor.


and it’s a big one, this is not the main aim of an advert, is it?

The idea of giving a person mixed signals and a variety of choices after an advert would leave the individual somewhat confused. A good advert should leave the viewer with an absolute clear idea about:

what is being promoted
how they can benefit, and
What should be their next Action

Now, many internet banner ads or social media posts cannot display or relay this amount of information..cue: The SEO Landing Page. The sole aim of this page is to complement the preceding advert.

The advert represents an appointment booking but the seo page is the equivalent of a sit down meeting with a client. The latter is much more informative, convincing and likelier to end in a sale.

So we’ve convincingly put across the argument for the use of a specific SEO landing page for each individual advert. Now here’s some pointers to help make an effective and worthwhile landing page.

Use a Video
Online videos are now the most popular pastime on the internet. Take advantage of this trend and put your advert in a short and sharp video that succinctly puts your important point across.

Instant Play
Your video should take prominence of place on your page and importantly, start playing automatically as soon as the page is opening

Good Copy
Another crucial part of a successful landing page is to provide well written and convincing prose. The video will win your customers attention and the content’s job is to convince the customer to take action.

A well designed and structured SEO Landing Page can often be the deciding factor as to whether an online marketing campaign succeeds of fails.

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