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Article directories trade content for inlinks. The process of acquiring links is a key part of Search Engine Optimisation and will help improve your website’s status.

Various sources claim that certain article directories or repositories are more valuable than others.

Can we really rely on these opinions? And how accurate are they?

When delving into this topic it is common to stumble upon articles that place a considerable amount of weight on Google’s PageRank. The higher the rank of the article hosting site, the higher the importance attributed to the back link. This is definitely a factor to consider, but by no means should this point of measure, be used alone.

Other sources will use the Alexa rank to gauge the traffic flows and popularity of a directory. This rank is an important resource but when used alone can produce inaccurate results. A site called Compete will also work out a site’s rank but this is only valid for the US market.

To get down to the bare facts a more in depth analysis of the options available is required.

Extensive research has been carried out by Web Branding to conceive a viable and realistic measuring tool for this dilemma. This concept will calculate the quality and potential benefit a user will receive from the top article directories on offer.

The factors taken into consideration to determine which article directory will provide users with the best service are as follows:

1. Google PageRank

2. Alexa Rating – From the Alexa website rating an ‘Alexa rank’ was calculated. The rank like the Google PR is out of 10 and was formulated on the basis that an alexa rating of more than 5000 would result in a zero.

3. Directory Inlink Amount – Another rank was formulated using inlink data taken from Yahoo’s Site Explorer. A directory boasting two million links or more would be awarded a rank 10.

4. Directory Page Amount – This rank has been created taking into account the following knowledge. This example explains: Two identical sites have the same PR. Site A has double the amount of pages as Site B. The pages on Site A hold more potential PR link power because there is less. More pages mean a PR will be diluted. This rank is calculated with the previous statement in mind, therefore ten million pages will result in a zero rank.

5. Article Link PageRank
–This takes into consideration the actual PR of the page on which your article is featured. This is often not considered, it is normally just the PR of the directory’s home page. The highest weighting of all the ranks above is accredited to this measurement.

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