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SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines. Search Engine Optimisation will ensure your business growth and prosperity. Choose one of our leading packages below to make an enquiry of give us a call on 01142 667 996:

new starter

£95 p/m

Our £95 p/m SEO package is designed to catapult new starter companies into the marketplace.

If you are new to the world of online marketing, this is a great way to see the huge returns without committing a large amount of your cashflow. Our SEO Services will guarantee that your brand reaches a wide audience.

We will perform an SEO analysis of your website and will highlight any changes that you should consider.



£215 p/m

Total SEO Services recommend this package if your business is looking for additional SEO services to increase online marketing and web presence.

This reasonably priced SEO package will provide the primary foundations of a well structured seo campaign.

The Total SEO Intermediate package is a solid starting point if you want to test the potential of search engine optimisation with the option of developing your seo campaign in the future.


£450 p/m

Our most popular package with existing clients is the full search engine optimisation package.

This SEO service will ensure your business receives a consistent high level of web exposure week in, week out..

Our highly skilled SEO team will provide an in depth strategy to make certain that your business is optimised online in a manner which will guarantee your commercial and industry needs are met.


£1000 p/m

To fully harness the true potential of Search Engine Optimisation the Total SEO Services Advanced Package will provide your business with the ultimate online exposure.

We will provide extensive SEO services that will include a far-reaching campaign to propel your brand above and beyond your competitors.This exclusive and powerful SEO management tool will guarantee measurable results and a platform on which to grow and develop your business prosperity.

Total SEO Services - Guaranteed Results

Total SEO Services guarantee

Our SEO guarantee will ensure complete client dedication, a superb work rate and assured results. Great Customer service is at the forefront of our ethos and we will attempt to ensure face to face appointments. Whatever your budget we will use all our expertise and skills to go that extra mile.

Many SEO services companies are happy to take your money with promises that they are working 'behind the scenes' or that 'you will have to be patient to see the success of their work'. Usually these companies are very secretive about their supposed techniques.

Total SEO Services offer a completely open book service and our philosophy has always been that ALL of our expertise is shared with ALL of our clients. Our monthly reports will demonstrate the logic behind the systematic methods that we deploy in the various stages of a well structured campaign.

You will be allocated a personal account manager who will be on hand at any time to explain the benefits of the work that our team is carrying on your behalf or to provide advice as to areas where you can help us to help you.

Total SEO Services - Business Strategy

Business Strategy and Work Format

By using the correct branding, web page creation and Search Engine Optimisation methods, our SEO specialists will give you an insight into how a small business can compete with well established firms in almost any industry.

Total SEO Services believe in a strong working relationship with all our clients. We provide the best SEO and branding awareness available for your company. We always strive to fully understand your business model and brand to ensure the business strategy we put in place is a success.

Total SEO Services will always keep you up to date with our work progress through regular reports, memos, calls, face to face meetings and through social media.

Many firms are reporting that their return on investment against their SEO budget is as high as 500%.

By 2020, over 40% of all sales are expected to be made online. Therefore it is essential to have a digital shop front to the online world with a strategic SEO campaign in place to ensure that your website capitalises on this lucrative market

Contact us to organise a call from one of our SEO advisers to see where your company could benefit in a market only just being explored by so many of your competitors.

Total SEO Services

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An absolute wealth of information on the latest news of the world of SEO Development. Articles all written by our in house team who keep up to date with all topics from Social Media, Web Development, latest technological advances and much more.

Click the links to view the Total SEO Services Blog and Article Archive.

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