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Web Development

Total SEO Services have a skilled and dedicated workforce to help your business grow. We are able to provide all the tools to successfully drive your website forward with
Website Hosting & Website Maintenance packages and a Technical Support Service.


Design & Construction

A well designed website is key to a good brand name. With the help of Total SEO Services we will design a well structured, practical and well branded website.

Brand design is a skill we pride ourselves on. We will deliver a website to help grow your business and create customer confidence whilst providing the best SEO format to promote your brand online.

Total SEO Services will create a fully functioning website to suit your individual needs.


Websites & Email

Once we’ve designed your website, built it, branded you correctly and of course used our SEO services, our specialties do not end there:

Total SEO Services will also take care of all the technical formalities and can host your website and email at affordable prices.

Our Hosting Services accommodate all types of websites and any specific requirements will be attended to, thus ensuring your website’s remains pulling in new custom.


Updates & Solutions

The Total SEO Services Maintenance package will ensure peace of mind.

We provide a support line to deal with any problems if they occur and we also offer a simple and effective method for you to update you website when and where required.

Our Maintenance service will continually look at the best ways to develop your website as and when new technologies and web development techniques come about.


SQL Architecture

Total SEO Services will provide all the necessary tools to build databases suitable to hold large amounts of data on and offline.We use a system to process your information in an organized and structured form in whatever format your business require.

From storing customer account details online to creating a database offline, categorizing all company stock. Our skilled SQL architects will provide you with a service designed to save time and money.

Total SEO Services - Guaranteed Results

Total SEO Development guarantee

Total SEO Services takes Web Development very seriously. Our quality control methods ensure that our web development specialists will deliver the end product as promised on time, every time.

Detailed proposals documenting your exact business requirements will be provided in all cases of IT development work before a single line of code is produced. By working to an exact specification which has been shaped through an in depth consultation period, you will have the confidence from day 1 that your product will be delivered on time, and most importantly, to budget.

You will be provided with a personal account manager who will oversee any development work on your behalf and provide periodic progress reports ensuring that you are always in the picture regarding the rate of work.

At every stage of web development, our developers will liaise with our SEO Services specialists to guarantee that any online infrastructure is created in a way that will favour your SEO campaign rather than hinder it.

Total SEO Services - Business Strategy

Designing Brand Identity

By using the correct branding, web page creation and Search Engine Optimisation methods, our SEO specialists will give you an insight into how a small business can compete with well established firms in almost any industry.

Over recent years, SEO has exploded in the United States and businesses are being forced to compete more and more to be noticed on the web. This has resulted in many American firms now allocating up to 20% of their annual turnover to their SEO budget.

Fortunately, this has not been the case in the UK leaving a huge opportunity to capitalise in an area that seems to be missed by so many British companies.

Many firms are reporting that their return on investment against their SEO budget is as high as 500%. Contact us to organise a call from one of our SEO advisers to see where your company could benefit in a market only just being explored by so many of your competitors.

Total SEO Services

Web Branding.co.uk - Our Sister Company

Total SEO Services work in conjunction with Web Branding. Web Branding is our sister company and provide Online Business Branding. If for any reason the online service you are looking for is not covered within this site, we recommend checking out www.webbranding.co.uk.