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Blog Post Writer

We are looking for someone to join our content writing team and write interesting and engaging newsfeed posts for our varied client base. Working on a self-employed basis you will be required to research a range of subjects to share on our customers’ blogs and social media platforms.

You will initially be writing ‘standard’ articles for our customers as follows:

We anticipate you will need approximately one hour to research a suitable topic to write about, another hour planning the structure of the article and a third hour writing the 500-600 word article. The rate of pay for the standard articles is £30 per article.

Once we are satisfied that the standard articles written do not require too many amendments and are of a suitable standard to publish, we will ask you to write our ‘premium’ articles as well.

We anticipate for premium articles, you will need approximately double the time to generate an 800 word article (two hours researching, two hours planning and two hours writing each article). The rate of pay for the premium articles is £90 per article owing to the more advanced research required and higher word count.

Initially, it is expected that you will write five standard articles per month. Once the quality of your standard articles has been approved, an additional four premium articles will be required. The number of articles required may fluctuate each month and it is likely that there will be an opportunity to write more as demand increases.

We expect all articles to be of an excellent standard of English in terms of syntax, spelling and grammar.

You would be able to write the articles from the comfort of your own home and this opportunity would be Ideal for anyone who enjoys researching and writing and could be a good platform for beginning a career in journalism, for example.

We expect articles for the following month to be delivered by the end of the previous month (i.e. articles due for publication in August must be completed by the end of July).

We need someone who is able to work to deadlines and manage their time effectively – we expect that the articles will require around 10 hours of work per week but how this time is split is ultimately up to the individual.

However, all articles must be submitted by the last day of every month without fail.

Interested? Please apply via the form below:

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