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Windows & Linux Server Deployment

At Total SEO Services we are passionate about providing servers built to the highest possible standard with the most suitable software for the job in hand. All our Engineers make a point of staying at the front of the curve to ensure our systems are as secure, performant and reliable as can be achieved.


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We have experience using the following server technologies:

  • CentOS

    Our preferred Linux Operating System for servers. A community-driven, free Operating System which provides a highly robust and performant platform for a huge range of technologies.

  • Microsoft Windows Server

    We have a wealth of experience configuring, deploying and mantaining Microsoft Servers handling all manner of tasks including Active Directory, User Authentication, DNS Services and Group Policy Management.

  • Apache Webserver

    The most popular Web Server in the world. Apache provides fast, secure performance on a highly configurable platform. Wonderfully versatile for database driven websites with keyword rich URLs.

  • MariaDB Database Engine

    One of the most popular Database Servers. Open Source engine made by the original developers of MySQL.

  • PHP Hypertext Pre-Processor

    Software to dynamically control the content of a website - An absolute necessity for any Linux Web Server.

  • Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent

    The most advanced Mail Transfer Agent available. If you need a complex, performant in-house Mail Server, Sendmail will most likely do the job.

  • Dovecot IMAP & POP3 Server

    An open source IMAP and POP3 email server for Linux. With email security at its core, Dovecot works with Sendmail to deliver and synchronise email across devices.

  • SpamAssassin Email Filter

    SpamAssissin is an advanced Spam Filter that uses a variety of techniques to detect spam including cross referencing against blacklists and intelligent algorithms checking content of emails.

  • ClamAV Linux Antivirus

    Open source Antivirus for Linux. Regular database updates and low performance overheads make ClamAV the preferred Antivirus program for Linux Servers.

  • OpenSSL Cryptography

    An open source project providing a commercial-grade toolkit for TLS and SSL security protocols.

  • HA Proxy Proxy Server

    An advanced Load Balancing Proxy Server with a variety of uses including splitting traffic between multiple servers.

  • PowerDNS

    One of the most powerful and popular Name Server programs in the world. Our tool of choice for our superfast, highly secure Name Servers.

  • pfSense Hardware Firewalls

    When security is of high concern, pfSense can provide a gate keeper to your internal network without affecting performance. A fraction of the price of third party hardware firewalls and just as performant.

  • Elastic Search

    A scaleable, reliable, open source search and analytics engine. Analyse and search vast quantities of data in a fraction of the time previously managed by any other database engine available.

  • Kibana

    Data Visualisation Platform working in combination with Elasticsearch for stunning graphical representations that load in an instant and can be filtered, sorted and organised to suit your requirements.

  • Logstash Data Collection

    A flexible data collection and transportation pipeline designed to efficiently process data sources such as log files or unstructured data sources.

  • Beats Data Shipper

    Whether you’re interested in log files, infrastructure metrics, or network packets, Beats serves as the foundation for collecting data in near real-time.

  • AW Stats Log File Analyser

    Log file analyser ideally suited to tracking web server usage and providing graphical representations of traffic volumes and sources.

  • Asterisk Telephony Switching and Exchange Service

    An open source telephony switching and private branch exchange service for Linux. Dial plans and Interactive Voice Response systems can be created to suit your environment.

  • KVM Virtualisation Platform

    Arguably the most performant virtualisation platform for running virtual servers. KVM allows multiple virtual servers to run on one physical machine.

  • QEMU Machine Emulator

    Running in unison with KVM, QEMU provides the platform for Operating Systems to run in a virtual environment as if they were a physical machine in their own right.

  • libvirt Virtualisation Management Interface

    An open source toolkit providing management of virtual machines and virtual networks.



    We can help configure and deploy a wide range of Windows Servers to keep your business running smoothly.

    If you require shared folders with different access rights for different users and / or groups of users, this can be achieved to suit your company structure.

    We will help you plan Offsite Backup & Recovery Policies, automatic Windows Update deployment across client machines and Active Directory and Group Policy management. You will be provided with full documentation of the deployment that will form the first section of an ongoing server log.


    If your business requires an internal web server to host your website or other web applcation such as a Client Management System, we can help you select the most suitable hardware and software to fit your requirements. We have experience in buidling Highly Available or Load Balanced servers to ensure reliability and performance.

    We can also assist with the purchase and configuration of an SSL Encryption Certificate for users who need to encrypt sensitive data between the server and browser.


    If your business requires an internal mail server to send, store and deliver emails for your users, we can assist with selecting the most suitable hardware and build the server for you. We will also train your Administrators in creating users, mailing groups and Spam filtering rules.

    Our Mail Servers provide IMAP and POP3 services and can be configured with SMTP Authentication over SSL / TLS so you have the peace of mind that your messages are encrypted between your users and the server.


    We can provide bespoke Hardware Firewalls to suit the exact requirements of your organisation. By separating the Firewall from the rest of your internal network, you have an additional layer of security. Our Firewalls can separate the different areas of your organisation to ensure traffic between mission-critical servers, staff PCs and WiFi network are closely monitored and secured. All our hardware firewalls run on energy efficient boxes with solid state drives for incredible performance and low ongoing cost.

Our Networking Guarantee

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