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A Database is essential for any website with large quantities of indexed data. This could be product ranges for an E-Commerce Website, or content that can be updated in-house using a bespoke admin panel. Wherever large amounts of data needs to be organised and sorted, for example to display all t-shirts between £12 and £15 in a search results page, it is likely that a database is required to manage this data.

Total SEO Services has a depth of knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation and techniques for designing and implementing efficient Database Schemas. This uniquely positions us to build Database Driven Websites that not only perform efficiently and intuitively, but also get found regularly in the key Search Engines by your target audience.

Once you have approved the design of your new website, our Database Architect will plan out the best structure for the database to be created alongside the site.

How does a Database Driven Website Work?

1) A user navigates to a webpage and the page is requested from the web server

2) A Load Balancer distributes incoming requests between several web servers

3) The web server queries data from any available database server and constructs the web page

4) Within a few miliseconds, the web server is ready to send the page requested to the user

Admin users can update content and apply it to the website in real time


  • Keyword rich URLs for product pages
    Automatically generated every time you add a new product to your site.
  • Intelligent search functionality
    Allow your customers to filter, search and sort your products based on any or all of the information stored in the database. Common searches can be stored permanently so Search Engines can display them in their search results.
  • Integration with third party apps such as automatic product submission to eBay.
  • Generation of dynamic product feeds that are updated in real time for use with Google Shopping -
    Never have incorrect prices displayed or out of stock items listed again.
  • Dynamically updated sitemaps –
    Keep all the Search Engines updated immediately as pages are added and removed from your website.
  • User accounts for your customers –
    from a simple table of usernames and passwords to enable registered users to access part of your site to complex user profiles containing delivery addresses and lists of each user’s favourite products.

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