A Top 8 of Advanced Techniques and Strategies for SEO in 2018

The New Year is just around the corner and Total SEO Services is truly looking forward to 2018. As your seasoned and premier UK SEO agency, we continue to grow and expand. In fact, our SEO services will always reflect your needs in this challenging, changing and fast-paced environment.

From the latest in cloud-based technologies to social and mobile media, our SEO guarantee continues to provide timely and measurable results for all new and existing clients. As we approach the New Year, we want to know if your business or brand is staying ahead of the curve? If you are struggling to attract new clients and customers, here are some of the top advanced techniques and strategies you need for 2018!

1. Super Fast Websites

We can reduce the clutter on your sites with our SEO auditing services. From outdated flash intros to lengthy and bulky content – we can remove all unnecessary information. This will make your pages load faster and your customers and visitors truly happier! Our web hosting architecture includes advanced server based technologies such as PageSpeed tools and web caching techniques and many others to further enhance our client SEO results and their clients experience whenever visiting your web site.

2. Mobile Friendly Sites

Mobile optimization will continue to be all the rage in 2018. Let us optimize your sites for mobile readiness -resulting in stronger visibility across local business listings, search terms, Google Maps, and so much more.

3. Long-Tail Keywords

As part of your SEO campaigns, long-tail keywords are no longer the exception – but the norm. We can generate the right long-tail descriptive keywords to generate leads, traffic, and higher conversion rates across the board.

4. High-Quality Content

As part of Google’s updates and changes to algorithms, high-quality content is a must. In fact, your content must be easy to scan, digest, and industry specific and relevant. This will effectively captivate and compel new visitors, while attracting and engaging current clientele and partners.

5. Update Old Blog Posts

Blogging should always be fresh, new and interactive. It may be time to update your old blog posts with a few tweaks here and there. Our content specialists can produce the best content that answers you customer- client questions, while connecting them to the product – services – or information they seek.

6. Link-Building is Essential

As your SEO specialists in the UK, we always stress the importance of quality back-links with content marketing. This will increase organic traffic to your site while boosting your page rankings on Google.

7. Voice Search Soaring in Popularity

We can optimize your web content with conversational keywords to make the best use of voice search options.


Google prefers secured websites across the Web. We can switch your HTTP to a more secure HTTPS address for added security and defenses resulting in major benefits in terms of SEO page rankings.

We would also like to wish you and your families Happy Holidays and all the best for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

Thank you so much for your business in 2017 and don’t forget Total SEO Services will always be there for you when you need it the most, our doors are never shut for our clients to ensure timely responses to any inquiries or issues you might be experiencing.

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