Seasonal SEO – Optimise Your Site For the Holiday Seasons

Seasonal SEO – How Optimising Your Site For a Holiday Season can Benefit Your Business

Investing in Seasonal SEO is the best digital marketing move your company can make this year.

At Total SEO Services we  are aware that seasonality can make or break any online business.

Therefore we want to demonstrate how creating a solid seasonal SEO strategy is key to leveraging the peak buying periods each year, helping your business reach its full potential.

Failure to get your business ready for any holiday season may result in lost customers, bad reputation and loss in online visibility.

Especially with the current economic crisis caused by Covid-19, seasonal SEO marketing is the best investment you can make to help your company to recover and thrive!

Total SEO Services is here with a Festive SEO Guide to demonstrate the benefits of optimising your site for the holiday seasons.

Seasonal SEO – Black Friday's

What is Seasonal SEO and Why Do You Need to Use it to Your Advantage?

Seasonality refers to regular and predictable trends recurring every calendar year.

Different industries may be impacted by different seasonal trends but all businesses are guaranteed to be affected by the biggest holiday season out there, i.e. Christmas, Easter and New Year.

In most cases, these annual holiday seasons will result in a moderate to large spike in traffic and sales.

If you do not seize the holiday seasons in your marketing strategy then your company is bound to lose clicks, as it will not be seasonally relevant. Therefore your company will lose money!

It important to remember that Seasonal SEO has both local and global reach.

Whether you’re a local retail store or a global franchise, customers are using search engines to find what they want around Christmas and Easter.

Therefore, during seasonal periods it is important to ask yourself, is my content positioned well to appear in response to seasonal queries?

By optimising your content for search engines with holiday seasons in mind, you will extend your reach beyond your local bubble, into a more global market.

Through this article, Total SEO Services will explore what should be done to prepare your site for the high season and leverage the seasonal interest peaks to generate more traffic and conversions.

Seasonal SEO – Autumn Sales

Why is Seasonal SEO so Crucial ?

SEO content is the best investment your business can make if you wish to recover and thrive after Covid-19. Due to Covid-19, consumers that may have previously resisted E-commerce or online payments have had no choice but to adapt along with companies that have transformed in light of Covid-19.

Therefore, during all the holiday seasons many shoppers and potential clients will be searching for companies to meet their needs online and E-commerce, delivery and pickup, have become the new normal in order to maintain social distancing.

Therefore, more people than ever before will be searching for relevant content online, so you need to make sure your companies content stands out from the crowd during any festive season.

How To Implement an Effective Seasonal SEO Campaign & Strategy

Here are Total SEO Services’ top tips on how to implement Seasonal SEO:

1. Plan Your Seasonal Content Strategy In Advance

Seasonal content is the most effective way to attract natural backlinks and organic social media shares (which both bring traffic and conversions instantly as well as higher authority in the long run).

Seasonal content also brings more sales, provided it meets the following criteria:

  • It caters to the seasonal needs (e.g. gift ideas, holiday planning, festive dinner cooking, etc.) To identify those, you should do your research. Look at your competitors, survey your customers and ask for ideas from your sales and customer support teams.
  • It should complement the products you are selling. Your content should bring up problems your product or service is solving. Creating customer-centric content is key to seasonal SEO and marketing.
  • Your content needs to rank. This is what brings real exposure and sales, year after year. This is where you resort to good old keyword research to identify ranking opportunities for a seasonal content piece.

Your seasonal content should take many different formats in order to increase your reach and rank:

  • Articles: Any text content for your blog or knowledge center (lists, in-depth guides, etc.).
  • Content assets: Whitepapers, e-books, info-graphics, videos, etc.
  • Collaborative content: e.g. expert interviews with influencers.
  • Promo support content created to market a contest, a giveaway, a newsletter.

Seasonal SEO – Mothers Day

2. Use All Available Tools and Companies to Help Plan Your Seasonal SEO Strategy

We recommend that for each seasonal content campaign, that you use Google Trends to identify key factors such as:

  1. The date when you start researching the topic.
  2. The date when you start reaching out to contributing influencers or subject matter experts for collaborative assets.
  3. The date when you edit, design and remodel.
  4. The date when you publish.
  5. The time frame when the promotion will be running.

At Total SEO Services we can also help you plan out your seasonal SEO strategy with our constructive consultation services!

Total SEO Services is comprised of committed and experienced SEO experts. We want to help your company recover, grow and thrive during the festive seasons through intelligent use of seasonal SEO.

We offer a variety of strategies in order to improve your company’s SEO marketing such as:

Our skilled team of content writers can write tailored SEO content for your website. This content is extremely effective as it is diligently designed exclusively to entice your potential clients.

To consult us at Total SEO Services and take the first step in developing a strong and effective Seasonal SEO Strategy that will improve your business post Coivd-19, visit our website or call us on 01142 667 996!

Seasonal SEO – Easter Sales and Campaigns

3. Bring Your Seasonal Products and Offers Forward

You know your target audience and your best-selling products best. Look into your previous years’ data and identify what you are going to use to lure consumers with.

Here are some key details that you should feature on your site home page:

  • Products that sell well during the season.
  • Product bundles to help product discovery (e.g. “Gifts for cat lovers”).
  • Special offers that would be different for new and return customers.

This is a sure fire way to ensure increased clicks and profit!

Moreover, another way to improve your seasonal SEO is to invest through Total SEO Services in the installation of structured data onto your webpages and content. This will ensure that you rank higher up on the SERPs, leading to more clicks and clients investing in your company this Christmas.

Seasonal SEO – Optimising Your Site's Digital Marketing For a Holiday Season

4. Ensure that Your Site will Perform Consistently and Reliably During the Holidays.

During the holiday shopping season last year over 20 retailers, including J. Crew, Lowe’s, and Walmart, experienced significant website outages or delays resulting in angry shoppers and millions in lost revenue.

Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to ensure this catastrophe does not occur:

  • Establish an “Emergency Plan” for possible site performance issues.
  • Load test web pages to see if they can handle the spikes in traffic.
  • Avoid adding any new functionality to your site until the season is over.
  • Optimise and stabilise your site performance levels.

At Total SEO Services we can update or even build you an entire new website that is accessible and readable, and optimised for mobile use. Thus, you will be safe in the knowledge that your website is optimised and stabilised for increased seasonal web traffic, meaning you will gain more clients and revenue.

Overall, Seasonal SEO maybe tough at times to implement – but the good news is, it will get easier year after year.

You will be able to re-use many of your seasonal offers and campaigns, updating your content and optimising it for seasonal activities is a long terms investment, which will allow you to bring it back into the readers’ feeds, and make use of previous years’ sales patterns and experience. So to invest in Seasonal SEO this year is the gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Don’t squander this opportunity as this Covid-19 Christmas and New Year will see a drastic increase in E-commerce! So optimising your Seasonal SEO should be your top priority this year!

For more advice on how to make use of SEO top trends this year visit our previous informative article.

Invest in Seasonal SEO, the Gift that Keeps on Giving, this Year with Total SEO Services.