Are you still running Windows Server 2003?

After July 14, 2015, Microsoft no longer supported Windows Server 2003 operating system. It declared the end of life for Windows Server 2003. Every business needed server operating system upgrades.
After this date, companies running on this server expose themselves to various underlying risks. Foremost your PC was susceptible to dangerous viruses, malicious software, and spyware. Operating on this server means no more security updates. Without this updates, one will not be able to initiate server operating system upgrades which will run you down.
With your computer connected to others, a compromised windows server 2003 operating system will open up your data to be exposed to attacks. When windows server 2003 cycle ended, all companies that continued to use it found out that their virtualized and physical instances of the operating system were not complying with the regulated data mandates. It has an impact on all associated applications and data. If most of the company’s data go through the server, a lot of sensitive customer data is lost leading to broken relationships with relevant partners.
To effectively deal with this and other associated risks, a carefully crafted windows server 2003migration executed, ensuring server operating system upgrades. You will need to move to a Server OS that has third party application support and which meets compliance requirements. That’s where we come:
At Total SEO services we offer you a full package of what you will need. We will do the whole windows server 2003 migration with a proper migration plan to enable you to secure your systems without incurring the loss of service. At the same time, we will do an appraisal of the current server and if new hardware is needed, provide a cost-effective way to acquire the replacements while doing server installations capable of processing the work done by the previous one
During this migration, do not worry about downtime in your business, consider it sorted, while doing the server installations, we will ensure continuity of the processes and services. In a situation where your Windows 2003 acts as your single domain controller; we will create a trust correlation kept with the new domain controller by promoting the new server installations correctly. Total SEO boasts expatriates in with Domain Controllers, Active Directory and Folder Redirection. After all, these server installations, we provide the full log of all changes made during the migration.
One thing is clear, the sooner you migrate, the better for you and your business. Take that phone and call us on 01142 667 996. Or you can visit our website