Database driven websites – how to structure your URLs

Database driven websites get information from the database and insert that content into the web page each time they are loaded. Through programming, the web page gets connected to the database. A change of information on the database automatically leads to the variation of the same on the web page. This is an automated process that does not require the intervention of a human.

The most common scenario of a database-driven website is online banking. You can view your bank account balance by logging in to your account. All your account information is stored in a database and is programmed to connect to the web page allowing you view your banking information.  

Database-driven websites store all information in table format of databases on the server. The script then generates pages that are displayed on the site as usual HTML.  These sites have an admin panel that has an interface that is user-friendly allowing you to manage the content of the site easily/. You can add content, edit or remove it by yourself, create new pages or delete the out-dated ones.

Benefits of Database Driven Websites
As a business owner, there are numerous benefits that you will reap from using a database driven website. As mentioned earlier, you can quickly and easily change the contents of the site as well as add or make changes to the products in case of an e-commerce website.

It also has a benefit in that the user can easily navigate. It also offers you with the ability to engage customers both existing and potential by creating social platforms like community blogs and forums.

Additionally, there are other numerous SEO benefits linked to having an individual web page for every product. For instance, it is possible to share, link or bookmark a page individually and therefore drawing traffic on its own.

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Some of the features of a database are driven website has included URLS that are rich in keywords that are automatically generated each time a new product is added to the site.  It also has an intelligent search functionality which allows the users to filter, search and sort the products based on the database stored information.  The experts at Total SEO can also generate dynamic product feeds. These can be updated in real time and ensure that there are no incorrect prices quoted or items that are out of stock included. They also create user accounts for your customers.

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