Database Driven Websites from Total SEO Services

The database-driven web page is a website that changes its content and inserts the information into the web page each time it is loaded. Total SEO Services is your ideal company and partner when it comes to offering the best database driven website services. There are various benefits that come with using database driven websites for your business site. Some of the benefits of using database driven websites include the ability to easily and quickly add new content. It is also easy to add and change products for an e-commerce website.

Another benefit is the ability for the user to easily navigate by searching and sorting. One other benefit is the ability to engage both existing and potential customers by adding social elements such as community forums and blogs. There are various SEO benefits that come with having an individual web page for each one of your products; each page can be shared, linked or bookmarked on its own and therefore drive the traffic on its own; each product can have its metadata description which will be much easier for the target audience to search and read about the products.

Some of the features available in a database driven website include keyword rich URL for product pages which automatically generates every time a new product is added. Another feature is the intelligent search functionality that allows the target audience to filter, search and sort the products based on the database information. Our experts will also integrate your product submission to a third party app such as eBay. We can also generate dynamic product feeds that are updated in real-time use with Google shopping and their concise price. The sitemaps are dynamically updated by constantly updating the web page contents in all search engines immediately they are added or removed. Our experts have the ability to create websites with social media integration to enable our customers to share to easily share the products on social media. We can integrate your website with social media by placing share plugins on the product pages. Such plugins can be placed on popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We can also integrate the social media with your website by sharing user-generated social content onsite. We can integrate your website and your social media by offering social sign-in that allows the site visitors who have certain social media account to sign in and make purchases, file their cart and perform other functions. We can also apply social based comment systems and connect them to an e-commerce site.

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