The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing – Handy Tips & Tricks to Optimise Your Content

The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing by TSEO

Today at Total SEO Services, we want to share our handy tips and tricks on how you can optimise your company’s web content and writing skills. In order to improve your company’s position on SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) it is crucial that you understand how to improve your content for SEO, and why effective SEO content writing is so important.

At Total SEO Services, we want to demonstrate why content marketing and SEO is so vital in the modern, multimedia, market place, and how to improve your SEO content writing skills and strategies.

Content is King in the Modern, Multimedia Market Place:

The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Content is King

SEO Content is one of the most important forms of marketing on the online market place as it is specifically designed with the aim of attracting and attaining search engine traffic (people visiting your website by searching through search engines like Google).

SEO content is therefore the best investment your business can make, as so many shoppers and potential clients search for their needs online nowadays. Therefore you need to use the internet and search engines to your advantage.

The higher up your company appears on the SERPs, the more advantages you will have over your competitors as more potential clients will see your content first, and consequently you will gain more business.

Investing in SEO content is to invest in a more efficient business model, more clients and more success for your company.

The following article details ways in which you can optimise your SEO Content and writing skills.

Below is a picture demonstrating the invisible ingredients and research that goes into writing a good SEO content article. This screenshot highlights the importance of the title or H1 and all H2’s. It also advises as to which keywords were targeted by the writer. This example also adds extra text to be used as snippets for things such as previews in Google SERP’s. This is a good example of how you should prepare new content for your web presences.

The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Example of an SEO article in word

Readable Content is Effective Content:

Content readability is defined as how easy it is to understand a written text.

By making your company content more readable, your company’s content will be more approachable and digestible and thus, you will gain more clients and increase your profits.

Overall, if your content is easy to read, potential clients are more likely to read your content and then invest in your company.

Put simply, it is in your company’s best interest to make your content as readable as possible. If you are not making your content readable, you will lose business.

The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Readability Check

How to Improve Your SEO Content’s Readability:

In order to improve your articles readability scores, follow these useful tips and advice to optimise your Content and Presentation.


  • Keep your article content concise and interesting.
  • Put the most important information at the top to entice your reader straight away.
  • Short sentences and paragraphs are easier to read and allow the reader to process and take in the information without being overwhelmed.
  • Use short simple words as long, complex words are less easy to read. If the reader is struggling to read your content they will exit the page and abandon your company.
  • By writing conversationally your content will be easier to read and will create a rapport between you and your reader. Therefore, your reader will feel more connected to your company and more likely to invest in your brand.
  • Refrain from using too much passive voice.
  • Use transitions words wherever possible.
  • Consecutive sentences: Make sure your text does not contain more then 2 consecutive sentences starting with the same words. Try to mix things up!


  • Use an easy to read font in order to ensure that the audience can read your article easily.
  • Narrow columns read quicker than wider columns. The optimal line length is anywhere between 9 to 13 words per line or anywhere between 40 to 75 characters per line.
  • Bullet points are a great way to break up your text and to organise common themes.
  • Incorporating headings and subheads increases readability for readers and search engines by categorising information, sign positing the specific content they are looking for. Use header tags <h1> – <h3> for keywords to improve reader experience and SEO rankings.
  • Colour makes your content more eye catching and memorable and is a good way to highlight key points of the article.
  • Pictures and infographs help to demonstrate key points clearly and visually.
The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Snippet and Google previewer.

A typical google previewer.

Keywords & Snippets are the Key to Effective SEO Content:

Key words are words or phrases that are prominent and pertinent in your content, that are relevant to your website and business.

These words should appear in your title, first paragraph and a couple of more times in the body of your content.

Search engine algorithms will detect these key words and will help you to appear higher up on the SERP (search engine results page).

The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Webstatistics seen as an overview ...

A statistical overview of a website’ visitors over time.

Snippets are a summary of your content that can be used for the preview of your article on Google and Facebook.

Higher up you can see an example of a typical article before we upload to our own Total SEO Service website, featuring the keywords, and snippet at the top of the article.

How to Optimise Your SEO Titles for Better Rankings:

SEO titles or SEO H1’s, are essential in optimising your businesses website or webpages as they do two extremely important jobs:

  • SEO titles help you rank for a keyword (a word that summarises the topic of your website or is an important, repeated word on your webpage that once apparent will help you to rank higher up on a SERP – Search Engine Results Page).
  • SEO titles make internet user and potential clients/customers want to click through to your page.

If your webpage is ranking highly on the SERP’s, the visibility of your website will increase, meaning that it is more likely to be seen by more internet users that will click through to your website and become a client. Indeed, Google uses the CTR (click-through rate) to help it determine how relevant your webpage is for a specific keyword.

So your titles need to be eye-catching, answering the question and intriguing enough so that more users will be enticed and definitely click the links to your website, products and services. This will give you more business and bump you up Google’s result pages.

Moreover, as a top result on a search engine your business will gain brand recognition, legitimising the suggestion of your business. This will give clients trust in your business so they are more likely to choose your business over your competitors that appear lower on the SERP.

What makes the best SEO title?

  1. Your focus keyword(s) need to be featured in your title, near the start of the title, so they are visible and clear to the search engine and readers.
  2. Keep your title short and snappy as long titles don’t show up properly on Google. A short and concise title will help Google display it effectively and it will be more readable for users. 150 characters is the maximum visibility in a search engine so make sure your title doesn’t exceed this. You can i.e. use Yoast’s handy tool and guide to determine whether your title is too long.
  3. Make your title enticing – Use phrases like “tips and tricks”, “a few easy steps”, “frequently asked questions”, “here’s how to do/get…” as these are effective for a search engine and will lead to more click-through’s from readers.
  4. Frame your title as a question – When users search in Google, it is usually with a question. Therefore, if your title mirrors this question they will click your link, seeking the answers to their question.
  5. Check out the competition – Google your keyword and see how your successful competitors (the top search results) use titles. Get to grips with what works and then get creative and put it in to practice for yourself.
The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Outreach

Reach out to the best influencers with shared interests.

The Importance of Outreach in Your Company’s SEO Strategy

Search Engine Land offers a helpful definition of the mysterious concept of Outreach marketing:

Outreach Marketing is the Practice of Seeking out Individuals or Organisations that have a Shared Interest in what You or Your Company offer.

Therefore, outreach is a SEO strategy that is used to build valuable backlinks from external publishers to your company’s website.

You can also backlink your own content to each other and to your website. This will create a pyramid of content that will make your content more compatible to search engine algorithms.

This backlink network will consequently enhance your website’s ranking on SERPs, drive qualified referral traffic, and increase your company’s revenue.

Outreach and backlinks are the most important ranking factor for the Google algorithm.

Without a network of strong backlinks, your website’s ranking will suffer. Your website will appear further down the SERP, and you will therefore get less traffic, gain less clients and thus lose Social Mediasales.

Moreover, outreach will also improve your business’s credibility and strengthen the public’s awareness of your brand. Through the use of authoritative backlinks, your business will be legitimised in the eye of search engine algorithms and in the eyes of the public. Without this online credibility and brand awareness you will lose web traffic and business.

If you are not backlinking your content, you will lose money!

Structured Data – What is It and Why does Your Company need it?

Structured data is a form of a hidden data snippet in JSON-LD code (JavaScript Object Notation for Linking Data)  embedded onto your webpage or in your content in order to give Search Engines a more accurate picture as to what type of content or data is on your webpages or website.

By including structured data on your webpage you give the Search Engine explicit clues as to the content of your page, allowing them to easily pick out the important bits of information they need to advertise your website, thus enabling your website to appear above other results.

Structured data then allows your website to appear as a ‘rich snippet’ at the top of Search Engine result pages and consequently boost your business by gaining more web traffic and clients.

The How’s and Why’s of SEO Content Writing - Rich snippets

An example of a rich snippet of the job type.

Moreover, snippets of reviews of your business and or products and services can be featured through structured data resulting in a higher chance they will be displayed as a rich snippet linking to your specific products or service. This means much more detailed and accurate information on your business and products will become available to the Search Engines. This will make your content easier and faster to find.

Structured data test

Structured data test and result when using the structured data testing tool offered by Google.

How will Structured Data help Your Company’s growth?

By using structured data you as the owner of the site will have a huge advantage over your competitors as the addition of structured data to your website most often result in your information appearing above all other search results in the targeted SERPS.

This is achieved through the use of rich cards which show a title, image, and longer description of your content, consequently boosting the visibility and awareness of your website, product or brand.

In this way your content will stand out from your competitors similar content. Adding structured data to your web presences and data will result in more prominent and eye-catching, search results. This in turn leads to more and more potential clients clicking on the link through to your website, giving you more business than ever before.

Only the top results on the Search Engines will yield more brand recognition which will legitimise the suggestion of your business, giving the client more trust in your business so they are more likely to choose your business over your competitors that are ranking lower in the SERPS you target.

How can Total SEO Services help You improve Your SEO Strategy:

At Total SEO Services, our team is comprised of dedicated and skilled SEO experts who want to help your business thrive by optimising your content for SEO.

We offer a wide variety of strategies and packages to help you improve your brand’s SEO content:

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