How Investing in SEO Marketing can help Your Company to Recover and Thrive from the Blow of the Corona virus

SEO Marketing can help Your Company to recover from the Impact of the Corana virus

If your company has been affected by the blow of Corona virus, investing in SEO marketing is an effective way to help your company to recover and thrive!

Its undeniable that the recent and ongoing pandemic of coronavirus has had not only a devastating impact on people’s health, but a detrimental effect on the economy leading to many businesses’ suffering.

But SEO marketing could be your company’s saviour!

As a business and brand owner operating in the modern multimedia market place you will have heard lots of buzz about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

At Total SEO Services, we are here to shed some light on just what SEO is, and why it is a crucial investment for your company during this economically uncertain time.

SEO Marketing: Content is King

First of all: What is SEO and SEO Content?

“SEO” i.e. ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, is the process of  optimising your website and online content so that the prospective clients can swiftly find and access your website through search engines such as Google.

SEO Content is one of the most important forms of marketing on the online marketplace as it is specially is designed with the aim of attracting and attaining search engine traffic (people visiting your website by searching through search engines like Google).

During this time of economic uncertainty, it is absolutely crucial that your company learns to utilise the internet and search engine algorithms to your advantage.

Investing in SEO and SEO content is to invest in a more Efficient Business Model, that will allow Your Company to Emerge Triumphantly from the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

Why is SEO more Important than ever for Your Company’s success?

SEO content is the best investment your business can make if you wish to recover and thrive after Corona virus. Due to Corona virus, consumers that may have previously resisted E-Commerce or online payments have had no choice but to adapt along with companies that have transformed in light of COVID-19. Now, many shoppers and potential clients are searching for companies to meet their needs online and E-Commerce, delivery and pickup, have become the new normal in order to maintain social distancing.

Therefore, more people than ever before will be searching for relevant content online, so you need to make sure your companies content stands out from the crowd.

As the shift from offline to online accelerates during this unprecedented pandemic, you can use SEO to “protect, pivot, and prepare for post-pandemic success” according to Jim Yu, founder and CEO of BrightEdge.

Given the current pervasive uncertainty, SEO is your best option for responding to ongoing COVID-19-related business interruptions swiftly and wisely. Search insights will inform every stage of COVID-19 brand response:

  • Protection – Of your brand, current and future demand, consumer relationships, and online reputation.
  • Pivoting –Evolve your marketing strategies, products and services, contact etc.
  • Preparation – For the “new normal”. Take this time to be prepared for current and continued challenges, and adapt accordingly.

Thus, now is the time for your company to evaluate your paid search strategy and content creation strategies.

SEO Marketing can help you recover from the Corona virus Impact

Total SEO Services can help you recover from the COVID-19 Economic Impact and its adverse effects on the Economy and Your business!

How can Investing in SEO lead Your Company Safely through Corona virus to Prosperity?

SEO can and will guide your company through the economic storm the Corona virus leaves in its wake. From pivoting your strategies, to protecting your brand, ultimately leading your company to success in the future. Here are just a handful of examples that detail how investing in SEO can lead your company safely through Covid-19 to success:

  1. SEO has both Local and Global Reach

Whether you’re a local retail store or a global franchise, your customers are using search engines right now.

Is your content positioned to appear in response to their relevant queries?

By optimising your content for search engines, you will extend your reach beyond your local bubble, into the global market.

SEO Marketing - Expand your company's reach to the whole world!

SEO optimisation can help Your Company to Focus on Your Local Community or Reach Out to a Global Audience!

  1. Listen to what Your Customers wants, Search Data is the Voice of Your Consumers

The data collection and analysis inherent to good SEO has value across your entire company. Search data can be helpful as it puts you in your customers’ shoes, and provides deep insight into how COVID-19 has changed their lives. Search data tells you not only what your customers need, but why it’s what they need. It can reveal motivation and intent that not only helps you optimise content, but can drive wise business decisions at every level of your company.

This is the time to make sure you have systems in place to gather and initiate all of this insightful data in real-time; so you can adapt and respond as needed throughout the impending economic recovery.

  1. By Optimising Your Content, You can Enhance Your Users Experiences

By optimising your content, your site will become more organised and easier to navigate as you properly mark up, structure, tag and otherwise optimise content.

Use this time to evaluate your site from a user’s perspective. Are there opportunities to improve navigation or accessibility?

By improving the user’s experience, the more likely you are to gain their business.SEO Marketing - Fresh content plays a critical role in all SEO strategies!

  1. Fresh & Regular Content is the Best Content!

Recency and relevancy matters in the world of SEO.

Google wants to see EAT content — expertise, authority, and trustworthiness – and to show searchers the most up-to-date information.

Publishing regular quality content (well researched, properly cited, optimised and original content) gives you a better chance to appear at the top of SERPs, leading to more business for your company.

  1. Keep in Contact with Your Consumers

Consumers are searching for guidance and help, therefore, you have the opportunity to reach out and become even more accessible for your clients.

Optimise your content to make sure that your readers can stay connected with your company through email opt-in, links to your social media accounts and further resources or content. In this way, if your clients feel connected to your company they are more likely to invest in your brand.

Total SEO Services wants to Optimise Your Content, and help Your Company Thrive

Total SEO Services is comprised of committed and experienced SEO experts. We want to help your company to recover and flourish after the devastating impact of Covid-19, through SEO.

We offer a variety of strategies in order to improve your company’s SEO marketing:

To consult us at Total SEO Services and take the first step in developing a strong and effective SEO Strategy that will improve your business post Coivd-19, visit our website or call us on 01142 667 996!

Total SEO Services wants to serve You and Facilitate Your Company’s Recovery in the face of the Corona virus.

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