The Importance of Outreach in Your Company’s SEO Strategy

Outreach SEO Strategies Explained

Outreach SEO Strategies Explained

So many companies still do not realise the importance of outreach in their SEO strategy. It is through outreach that you can ensure you’re brand and content appears at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). SEO is the most effective and important marketing strategy in the modern multimedia digital market. We at Total SEO Services are here to outline why outreach and backlinking is so crucial and how to best use outreach to your advantage.

What is Outreach?

With a simple google search it is difficult to determine for certain what outreach is. It is quite a nebulous, illusive concept.

However, Search Engine Land offers a helpful definition to start off our discussion:

“Outreach marketing is the practice of seeking out individuals or organizations that have a shared interest in what you or your company has to offer.”

Put simply,  outreach is a SEO strategy that is used to build valuable backlinks from external publishers to your company’s website.

You can also backlink your own content to each other and to your website. This will create a pyramid of content that will make your content more compatible to search engine algorithms.

This backlink network will consequently enhance your website’s ranking on SERPs, drive qualified referral traffic, and increase your company’s revenue.

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Why is Outreach Important in Your Company’s SEO Strategy?

Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated and improved.

It is important that your company and online content plays by the algorithms rules.

Outreach and backlinks are the most important ranking factor for the Google algorithm. Without a network of strong backlinks, your website’s ranking will suffer. Your website will appear further down the SERP, and you will therefore get less traffic, gain less clients and thus lose sales.

Moreover, outreach will also improve your business’s credibility and strengthen the public’s awareness of your brand. Through the use of authoritative backlinks, your business will be legitimised in the eye of search engine algorithms and in the eyes of the public. Without this online credibility and brand awareness you will lose web traffic and business.

Frankly, if You are not backlinking Your content, You will lose money.

Due to Google’s improved algorithm, more and more companies have expanded their SEO strategy into outreach. If your companies competition is utilising outreach effectively, they will appear higher up on the SERPs and get more traffic and sales than your brand. If other  companies are using outreach, why not your company?

How to Make Your content Outreach as Effective as Possible?

Outreach is all about Building Links between Your Content and other Relevant, Authoritative Content.

To ensure that your outreach strategy is as effective as possible you must follow these key tips and tricks:

Link to relevant, popular and trustworthy sites:

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  • Relevance: Make sure that the page you are linking to will be is relevant to not only to your content but to your target client.
  • Popularity: Link to pages that already have high web traffic, high social shares, and a high number of authoritative backlinks themselves.
  • Trustworthiness: Ensure you’re linking to trustworthy, reputable sources and sites. Protip – to find a trustworthy source, look for a site with an aged domain, strong UX, and a fresh content strategy.

The more links the merrier:

  • Citation flow: This means the number of backlinks leading to a domain. The more backlinks your website has, the higher up on Google you will appear and the more client you are likely to gain.
  • Link practice: However, don’t backlink excessively or to irrelevant outbound sources. This will damage the effectiveness of your content in eyes of Google and in the eyes of your clients.

Work with not against the Search Engine Algorithms:

  • Domain Rating (DR): Check the site’s DR if you are linking your content to their site – DR is a search engine ranking score that’s shows the domain’s popularity, based on its backlink profile.
  • Page Authority (PA): As well as this check the pages search engine ranking score that highlights whether specific pages on a domain have authority.
  • Trust flow: The links you use need to be of a certain quality. Better quality links (as determined by Google through factors such as DR and PA) do better on SERPs.

How can Total SEO Services Help You Improve Your Company’s Outreach:

We at Total SEO Services want to help your business develop an effective SEO and Outreach strategy.

Our team are dedicate and skilled SEO experts. We can offer a variety tried and tested strategies to improve your brand’s SEO and outreach.

Through Total SEO Services you can employ our experienced team of content writers to write SEO content for your website, containing an abundance of appropriate backlinks.

We can also offer the installation of structured data onto your webpages and content that helps to bump you up on SERPs, thus improving your brand’s visibility and legitimacy.

We can even update or build you an entire new website. This can make your brand accessible and optimised for mobile use, thus helping to increase web traffic and gain more potential clients.

To invest in the help of Total SEO Services is to invest in a more profitable and successful SEO and marketing strategy!

To consult us at Total SEO Services about how to improve your Outreach strategy and your brand’s position on SERPs visit us here or call us on 01142 667 996!