What is Structured Data, and Why do I Need it?

Structured Data: Better SEO With Schema Markup

Unlock your business’s potential and discover the advantages of Structured Data with Total SEO Services.

As a business owner do you wish to bump your website up the search engine result pages?

The higher your website appears on search engine result pages, the more potential clients will see it and consequently more people will visit your website, giving you more business.

You can rise through the ranks, to the very top of the search engine results page with Structured Data.

But what is Structured Data?

Structured data is the only way to appear as a so called ‘rich snippet’ at the top of search engine result pages and thus boost your business by gaining more web traffic and clients. It is often overlooked and absent.

Structured data is added in the form of a hidden snippet of code on the webpage and the recommended format is JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linking Data). This extra code can be embedded onto your web pages and helps give search engines such as Google a more accurate picture as to what type of content or data is on your webpages or website.

Better SEO with schema markup!

You can find out more here: https://schema.org/docs/full.html

By including structured data on your webpage you give the search engines explicit clues as to the content of your page, allowing them to easily pick out the important bits of information they need to display when users of the search engine are looking for information. You can help the search engines by making it easier to find the best answers. This will result in your data being preferred by the search engines and rank better.

You will also gain more control over how your website information is displayed in the search engine’s search results, thus enabling your website, job posting, recipe, review, books, videos and products to have a better chance to appear before all other organic search results.

Top Stories rich snippet example

Google’s ‘Top Stories’ rich snippet example

After structured data has been added to all content elements which are important such as the products landing pages of your site.  Searches performed on Google can start showing your information in a more prominent manner and place on the respective SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) your company is targetting.

Therefore, having us add structured data where it matters will increase your SEO rankings and improve the results made by your company in all your SEO efforts.

No matter what your business or company, from media to medicine, archives to eateries there is an abundance of categories for structured data, so browse to find what category your business can fall into and you too can start to benefit from having structured data added to your most important landing pages by Total SEO Services.

There are many different forms that structured data can take, for example, articles or blogs from your news section or website can start to appear as a rich snippet at the top of the SERPS as one of the ‘top stories’. Alternatively, a link to your website can appear on the carousel which is attention grabbing for potential clients and will persuade them to choose your company.

Moreover, snippets of reviews of your business and or products and services can be featured through structured data resulting in a higher chance they will be displayed as a rich snippet linking to your specific products or service. This means much more detailed and accurate information on your business and products will become available to the search engines. This will make your content easier and faster to find.

Google Web Search Wikipedia result.png
Rich snippets example by http://www.google.com, Link

Due to the prominent manner in which your information can now be displayed on all SERPS will also increase ‘Trust’ and ‘Brand awareness’ for your company.

Similarly structured data can help to reinforce your ‘Local Business’ branding on Google.

The use of structured data, makes your brand more recognisable and noticeable. Whichever style of structure data you prefer to add to your website and business, structured data can only benefit your company’s marketing and SEO rankings.

How can Structured Data Benefit Your Company?

By using structured data you as the owner of the site will have a huge advantage over your competitors as the addition of structured data to your website most often result in your information appearing above all other search results in the targeted SERPS.

This is achieved through the use of rich cards which show a title, image, and longer description of your content, consequently boosting the visibility of your website, product or brand.

Google's Job Posting Listing

Google’s Job Posting Listing

In this way your content will stand out from everyone else’s, as search engines are so overrun with similar content. You can make your business distinct on the SERPS. This can give you the edge over your competitors. An advantage you cannot afford to miss out on in the SEO landscape of 2019.

Adding structured data to your web presences and data will result in more prominent and eye-catching, search results. This in turn leads to more and more potential clients clicking on the link through to your website, giving you more business than ever before.

Only the top results on the search engines will yield more brand recognition which will ‘Legitimise’ the suggestion of your business, giving the client more faith in your business so they are more likely to choose your business over your competitors that are ranking lower in the SERPS you target.

Structured data is also utilised by the ‘knowledge graph‘ and Google’s ‘Local Business’ listing which display important information for your business in an accessible, readable format, including information such as an address, phone number, email, open hours, social media etc. This will make your business more accessible for clients and automatically lead to more business for your company.

Google Knowledge Panel.pngBy Google – Google web search, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

We, at Total SEO Services can install structured data onto your webpages and or automate the process. This will further optimise your website SEO and rankings. Structured data is the only way to ensure you appear on SERPS as a rich snippets and make your business more efficient and guarantees you get the most business possible.

Allow your company to grow and thrive with Total SEO Services and Structured Data. For more information and or a free consultation visit: https://www.totalseoservices.co.uk/ or call 01142 667 996.