How does SEO affect Your Brand? Here is why You need to Care more about Your SEO!

What is SEO and Why Do I need it by Total SEO Services

As a business and brand owner operating in the modern multimedia market place you must have heard lots of buzz about SEO  Optimizations (Search Engine Optimisation). But its still unclear to many business owners what SEO is and how it deeply affects You and Your brand. We at Total SEO Services are here to explain to you how SEO controls how Your Brand is perceived by not only search engines but by the public and potential customers.

Moreover, it changes how you launch a product or service and how certain people build personal brands as opposed to corporate brands. A good of this example is Mr. Elon Musk, owner of one of the leading personal brands today. Many call him ‘The Number One Disruptor’ but that is a subject we will tackle in a later news article.

What is SEO?

“SEO” is an abbreviation of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which describes the crucial procedure of optimising your website and content and all related marketing collateral so that the public at large and any prospective clients can quickly and effortlessly locate and access your website, business, product or service through a search engine such as Google or Bing.

Our recent news article about content goes into deeper detail on this very subject. Give this article a read as it is an opportunity worth your investment of time when trying to understand the importance of ‘web content’ or if you still need further clarifications on how content you publish online needs your attention. Within the article we try to provide a more in depth view on why ‘web content’ is crucial to your brand today. Don’t delay in reading and implementing our expert advice, as you and your brand can begin benefiting from SEO tomorrow!

Personal Brands & Corporate Identity ~ Here is how You can Improve them Today!

The YouTube video linked above in our sub title explains the basic terms and mechanisms of SEO simply and understandably, without the use of confusing technical jargon. By spending just a few minutes watching this video,   You will begin to understand how You can start to influence Your Personal Brand or Your Corporate Identity today.

Furthermore, we will also try to clarify all underlying work flow processes in this news article. This will help you to make the right choices when deciding on how to invest your marketing budget, which will influence how your brands are perceived.

Google's Algorithm - SEO optimisations - A look

This is just part of what makes up googles algorithm, a simple database diagram. Storing some of the information the crawlers bring back.

Google’s Algorithm

It is important you understand all aspects which can help you improve your search engine results and SERP’s when the likes of the Google algorithm runs or crawls your latest published content it discovers wherever that might be located.

The goals and reasons why these algorithms are updated by Google or Microsoft (Bing), to name just two of the more famous ones can be explained as follows.

What works today might no longer work tomorrow, as SERP’s algorithms are constantly being updated, so you need to stay on top of the curve. Google (or the search engine) is a machine with AI in which ‘Billions’ have been invested to make all of this possible. Therefore, SEO optimisations are an ongoing process. Today your latest clothing range might make it to the top of the SERP’s for the search phrase you targeted, but tomorrow it might drop down to position 453 and will have become totally invisible to the users of the search engines or Your Target Audience. This will dramatically impact on your brand awareness, sales results and perception, every time the Google machine activates a new rule in its extremely complex algorithm.

This algorithm is continuously being updated in order to guarantee they answer their customers with only the best content. The search engine results are real time today. Meaning all you or your company does is analysed in real time.

The Top 3 Authentic Influencers

Cristiano Ronaldo


Kylie ✨


Selena Gomez






Influencers & Internet Celeberities

Content creators and influencers or internet celeberities have made it into a new well paying profession! Some of them might need contacting by your company to see if they can be convinced to review your product our service.

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Content Creators and Channels

  1. T-Series: 128 million subscribers
  2. PewDiePie: 103 million subscribers
  3. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes: 72 million subscribers
  4. SET India – 64.8 million subscribers
  5. 5-Minute Crafts: 64.2 million subscribers
  6. Canal KondZilla: 55 million subscribers
  7. WWE: 54 million subscribers
  8. Justin Bieber: 50.8 million subscribers
  9. Zee Music Company: 50.2 million subscribers
  10. Dude Perfect: 49 million subscribers

The Bottom Line in SEO

It is even more important you understand the bottom line and how you can influence it. It is always better to use ‘white hat’ SEO strategies over ‘black hat’  strategies. SEO optimisations are a long term investment not a short time fix which therefore can guarantee the best ROI (return of investment) you can obtain when compared to the likes of a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign.


How does SEO affect Your Brand?

To put it briefly SEO controls how your brand is perceived by the search engines. This is extremely important when trying to grow and promote your brand the modern multimedia, digital marketplace as most clients will be searching for a business to provide for them, online. Therefore You, as a Brand Owner need to utilise the internet and search engines to increase and control the benefit you are trying to achieve with your marketing budget.

Most entrepreneurs understand you can no longer count on people looking you up in the good old golden pages of the telephony suppliers directory such as the BT Phone Book. Even BT has moved their publication to web enabled format in order to survive in today’s multi media landscape.

SEO has become the most important form of marketing in the modern, multimedia, online market place we all live in. Without good ‘White Hat’ SEO you will not appear high up on the SERP‘s (search engine results pages) therefore your website will not be found, visited or viewed by many members of the public. This will decrease your number of potential clients using or investing in your business, causing your brand to be less well known, less legitimate in the customers eyes and overall, less successful.

Whereas SEO optimised websites with on and off page optimisations and excellent content will position your brand higher up on the SERP, which will mean more customers will see it and they will have more faith and trust in your brand as it appears to be approved by the search engine’s algorithm. Therefore, You can ONLY gain more business or success when understanding SEO and it is absolutely integral as a modern brand owner that ALL of your online presence, websites and content etc, is optimised for search engines if you wish to be profitable in the future.

By investing in SEO, You will NOT always see instantaneous results as SEO is an ongoing process which can ONLY make your business more efficient, effective, productive, competitive and profitable.

Below we will dive a little deeper in some of the aspects which can help you control your brands.

How to Optimise Your Website & Content for a Top Result in the SERP’s

Discover what platform your website is on and if it is optimised for SEO – if it is not ensure that you support it and make it better for SEO to improve your brands success.

  • Content  – make sure your brand is producing new, leading and creative content, with a focus on clear ‘Keywords’ or ‘Search Phrase’ for the search engine to detect. Moreover, ensure your content is readable, short and snappy as well as eye catching to make it stand out from the saturation of similar content online.
  • Titles  – make sure your content and website pages have strong titles or ‘H1’ as only good SEO titles help you rank higher up on a SERP and make potential clients want to click through to your page, product or service. To optimise your title for SEO make sure you include your ‘Keywords’, make the title enticing and frame it as a question to intrigue and engage internet users. After all they came looking for an answer to a question and are only interested in the best answers, Google’s algorithm and AI ONLY has this in mind when ranking your page.
  • Structured data and snippets are a handy way to optimise your website and content and allow your website to appear as ‘Rich Snippets’ and are a form of more advanced on page optimisations resulting in much better SERP’s and consequently boost your business by gaining more web traffic and clients. Google’s Machine, algorithm and AI likes data it can understand easily and tends to turn it into a winners with rank 1. Installing ‘Structured Data’, guarantees when a client performs a web search the search engine can bring up real time and accurate or  relevant information relating to your company, a rich snippet of your website will appear above the top results giving your brand more clients and exposure than ever before. Overall structured data influences how people see your brand’s and website as a SERP, so for your brand to be represented accurately and enticingly invest in structured data.
  • Outreach – make sure you backlink your content to other content on your website content as well as to similar authoritative content (this is also sometimes called off page SEO) this will create a pyramid of linked content that appeals to search engines and helps when you try to gain authority in your field of expertise. It will allow you to control how your brand is perceived and consequently bump you up the SERP results and legitimise your brand which instills trust and purchases or sales.

If You need SEO, but have no time to handle the ‘Ongoing SEO Optimisation Process’, look no further, we Total SEO Services are only a phone call away (01142 667 996) and exist only to help Your business THRIVE!

Total SEO Services are here to Help Your Brand be the Best.

We at Total SEO Services want to help Your Brand grow and flourish into the best brand it can be. To aid you in your process of optimisation we can offer you dependable, leading, proven and expert advice on how to improve your content and branding. From simple content creation to the more advanced on page optimisation. We offer a wide variety of services and products to help you get started with your brand’s SEO optimisations. You can i.e. simply employ our skilled team of content writers to write content for your website.

We can also install structured data onto your webpages and content to ensure the way your brand is shown on the SERP’s matches Your Corporate guidelines or Personal Brand and standards set in all modern marketing strategies proven to be successful today.

We can even update or build you an entire new website in order to make your brand as successful and profitable as possible.

To invest in the most important form of marketing in today’s modern multimedia market place and to allow your business to grow and thrive visit our website here or call 01142 667 996.

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