The MASCED PRO Training Programme is now Live!

Following the huge success of the MASCED Accreditation for Hair, Health & Beauty Professionals, we are extremely proud to announce that Skcin have just launched the MASCED PRO Training Programme.


Despite the vast majority of all skin cancers being preventable, statistics continue to soar and ignorance regarding how to spot the early signs and symptoms on a personal level, or within professional capacities remains widespread. The objective of the MASCED PRO programme is to fill the mammoth void that exists in this arena by facilitating the provision of effective training tools with quality printed and on-line resources, enabling practitioners to integrate this knowledge into their everyday practice and extend vital information on prevention and early detection across their patient communities.

Total SEO have been working closely with Skcin’s design team for the last few months to create this valuable tool. Medical professionals can use it to test and improve their knowledge on what to look out for on their patients’ skin. Our full write-up on How we built the MASCED Accreditation was posted to this news-feed a few weeks ago. At that time, a pilot scheme for MASCED PRO was underway and we had to keep quiet about it but now we are happy to shout it from the rooftops!

The MASCED PRO Training Programme is the 5th national accreditation that Total SEO Services have developed for Skcin. Check out the other sites below: