The Ultimate ‘No-Nonsense’ Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2020 and Beyond!

The Ulitmate Beginners Guide to SEO by Total Seo Services

At Total SEO Services, we are all too aware that beginning your company’s SEO journey can at first feel like an overwhelming task. This month’s news article will tackle many questions you might have around SEO in general. It provides an easy to understand ‘No-Nonsense’ Beginners Guide to SEO. We discuss the three most important vectors which affect your search engine rankings and digital marketing investments!

You may be plagued by many confusing questions around search engine optimisation such as:

  • What is SEO?
  • How can I optimise my website for the search engines?
  • How do I implement a successful, long term SEO strategy or digital marketing campaign for my typical web presence?

Total SEO Services is here to offer you a helping hand and answer all of these questions by providing you with a ‘no-nonsense’ Beginners Guide to SEO which is easy to understand and follow.

So, if you are wondering how to improve your companies SEO strategy or digital marketing this is the news article for you!

Beginners Guide to SEO - Digital marketing explained and demystified

We can help You make sense of what to do in the current digital marketing landscape!

Firstly, what Is SEO and Why Does My Company or Business Needs It?

“SEO” is an abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which is the process of optimising your website and online content so that the prospective clients can swiftly find and access your website through search engines such as Google, Baidu and Bing.

Overall, SEO controls how your brand is perceived by the search engines. This is integral when expanding and promoting your brand in today’s modern multimedia, digital marketplace. Therefore, if you want your company to succeed it is crucial that you and your team learn to utilise the internet and search engine algorithms to your advantage.

In fact this is more crucial than ever before, as countless shoppers and potential clients are searching for companies to meet their needs online as E-Commerce, delivery and pickup, have become the new normal in light of Covid-19. Thus, more people than ever will be searching for companies and investment opportunities online. Your company needs to make sure your website and content is optimised by investing in SEO and digital marketing.

Without SEO you will not appear high up on the SERPs (search engine results pages). This means that your website will not be viewed by many members of the public, as 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. This will decrease your number of potential clients using, buying, promoting, sharing or even investing in your business.

Whereas, optimised websites and content will position your brand higher up on the SERP. This means more customers will see it and will therefore be more likely to buy, share, like or  invest their time and money in your business or product and services offered.

Therefore, if you are looking to recover financially and grow your business during this pandemic, the best investment you can make is in SEO and a strong well managed digital marketing campaign!

Now that we have established what SEO Is, we may now progress and explore where are some key areas to start with and how to ensure long term success through SEO and good digital marketing practices.

1. Content Optimised for Search Engines is Crucial – Fresh Content is King!

SEO Content is one of the most important forms of marketing on in all digital marketplaces as it is specially designed and written with the aim of attracting and promoting your services and products on the search engines and aims to increase your visitor numbers and overall web traffic. Fresh well written content is what draws in customers and thus what makes your business more successful. More, it will make them come back for more and elevates or augments your authority on the subject and that results in a stronger brand or corporate profile. So to ensure your companies short and long term success you must invest your time, effort and resources into quality fresh SEO content on a regular basis.Beginners Guide to SEO - Content is King

But How do I ensure My Content is Optimised and therefore Successful?

Here are some easy steps you can take in order to optimise your company’s web content:

  • Make sure that you are producing, new, quality, leading and creative content regularly. Fresh, quality and consistent content is what search engines and customers are looking for!
  • Readable content is good content. What use is your content, if no one is going to read it because it is too long and too wordy. So keep it short and snappy. Make sure your sentences and paragraphs aren’t too long, otherwise your readers will lose interest. Break up bigger bits of text through smart use of headers or bullet points, making them clear and readable sections.
  • The power of titles is not to be underestimated. Your title (or in SEO terms, your H1) needs to be enticing and intriguing. Use phrases like “tips and tricks”, “a few easy steps”, “frequently asked questions”, “here’s how to do/get…” as these are effective for a search engine and will lead to more click-throughs from readers. Ensure that your title is not too long and consider posing it as a question as these titles mimic questions that customers will be searching themselves.
  • Your content needs to stand out – make it eye catching through the use of images, funny titles, videos and relevant, current issues to attract and engage your reader.
  • Key words and phases are words or phrases that are prominent and pertinent in your content, that are relevant to your website and business. These words should appear in your title, first paragraph and one or two more times in the body of your content. Search engine algorithms will detect these key words and will help you to appear higher up on the SERP (search engine results page).

Beginners Guide to SEO -readability checkFor more detail on the importance of content and our tops tips on how to optimise your SEO content, read our previous informative news article on web content here!

Another way to ensure that your content conforms to these necessary techniques, is to outsource your SEO content writing to a SEO company that understands what makes tip top SEO content.

At Total SEO Services, we offer a variety of digital marketing services and strategies in order to improve your company’s SEO positioning and success, one of which is that our experienced team of content writers can produce tailored SEO content for your website. This user focused, optimised and fresh content is extremely effective as it is carefully designed exclusively to entice Your potential clients or target audience.

Beginners Guide to SEO - standard search result, rich snippets, rich cards!

2. Structured Data – A Sure Fire Way to Boost Your Company Up the SERPs!

If you want your content and website to be understood by search engines and thus found by your customers – You and Your business need structured data!

Sometimes, search engines need extra “hints” in order to better understand and deliver results, based on a the searcher’s intent.

This can be achieved through the use of structured data, a form of a hidden data snippet in JSON-LD format (JavaScript Object Notation for Linking Data) installed or embedded onto into your webpages.

Structured Data serves to give Search Engines a more accurate picture as to what type of content or data is on your webpages or website. Consequently your content will appear at the top of the SERP and thus reap the benefits of better SERP visibility!

Moreover, adding structured data to your web presences and data will result in more prominent and eye-catching, search results or rich results. This in turn leads to more and more potential clients clicking on the link through to your website, giving you more business than ever before.

At Total SEO Services, we also offer the affordable installation of structured data onto your webpages and content. This will ensure that you rank higher up on SERPs, leading to more business growth and success. Therefore, by investing in our companies SEO, you not only save time but you will start to make more money, gain more authority and brand awareness, trsut and acceptance.

Beginners Guide to SEO - Responsive Web Design and a website optimised for mobiles is critical!

Responsive Web Design and a website optimised for mobiles is critical!

3. Update your Website for Mobile Use for Long Term Success

If your website isn’t Mobile-Optimised You will Lose money.

As Kris Jones, Founder / CEO, suggests “Instead of visualising a person sitting at a desktop computer you have to realise that most of the time people will find your website via a mobile device.”

As Hubspot’s insightful statistics highlight mobile performance is a top priority when optimising your website:

  • 59% of shoppers surveyed say that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from. (Think with Google, 2019)
  • Over a two year period, there was a 900%+ growth in mobile searches for “___ near me today/tonight.” (Think with Google, 2018)

Therefore, if you don’t optimise your website for mobile use, you are ostracising and losing a large percentage of potential customers!

Therefore, it is well worth the investment of optimising your website for mobile use to see long term business growth and success.

Here is where Total SEO Service’s can help once again! We offer up our services to update or even build you an entire new website that is readable, user-friendly, and most importantly optimised for mobile use. This will mean that your website is more up to date and accessible, leading to increased usage and consequently increased revenue.

For further advice on how to ensure your SEO strategy has guaranteed long term success, you should consider implementing these 5 effective SEO strategies for both instant and long lasting success.

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